A Toast to Ten Bloggers (Day 10 of the June 1-30 challenge)

In response to the June 1-30 Challenge, day 10 talks about celebrating 10 bloggers. Here are 10 bloggers I want to celebrate and encourage everyone to suscribe to their pages:

The View From My Window
I love Laura. She has such a beautiful blog as well as the title of the blog itself. So Godly and I enjoy reading this blog.

Rubies Corner Blog
I simply enjoy reading Rubies Corner because she shares her Faith in Christ, art, cooking, and family.

The king’soracle
Powerful poetry, woman of God, what more can I say!! I love the blog that much!!

Giggles & Tales
Absolutely love this blog because of the pictures, poetry, and the spirituality behind it.

This blog truly has a special place in my heart. It teaches you how to get in shape and be the best you you can ever be. Check this blog out!!

Wallpaper Tadka
I always enjoy this beautiful blog because he talks about flowers and nature. Check this blog out!!

Whippit Wisdom
I call this blog “extremely passionate” because it takes me to my relaxation place at the beach (although I don’t live near a beach). By reading this blog and looking at the pictures I feel so retrieved and happy.

Advocare by Lori
I truly enjoy reading her blog because she inspires me to make a change in my life as well as my health and I look forward to purchasing something from Advocare.

Spiritual Journey17
The cover of the blog truly speaks to me! I really enjoy reading this  blog because to me is so humbling and spiritual.

Mom Facts and Food
This is for all the moms out there! ( in my case want to be moms). If you want tips and advice on parenting your child(ren), you got to check this blog out!!


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