Three Things You Cannot Live Without (Day 3 of June 1-30 Challenge)

My Three things I cannot live without:

1. Laptop- without it, I cannot function well.

2. My smartphone- because I can take pictures and post.

3. Electricity- how can anyone function without it??


  1. Number 3 is the important one! As someone once said to me, “I live by battery life.” Who would have thought that our lives would be governed by “energy” in the 21st century. But then really getting down to basics, we would not “be here” without the sun!


  2. There was a time when people did live with out electricity, fridges, etc. How – i don’t know. But I often think could I. I think it is a skill and the older generation that had that experience really are wonderful. Sometimes, I feel, gosh I am too reliant on stuff.

    lovely post

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