Pasta Anyone?

Well it’s the weekend and with three blog parties going on, I feel like celebrating with pasta. From Domino’s pizza of course, lol😄

Blog away friends, Blog away!!


  1. Hi Shandra, when you have a little for the kitchen, cook some Barilla spaghetti, use Barilla’s pasta sauce and…. put some Pecorino Romano cheese on top. It’s a hard cheese, you can grate it or chop it into small chunks and put on your spaghetti. I buy mine at Costco but I’m sure other stores stock it. The cheese is made in Italy. It’s goats cheese. It has a “nutty” flavor to it. I also cook the spaghetti “al donte” so it’s not “soggy”.
    As my dad’s family would say “mangiare”!


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