SEO and Your Blog (Day 10)

Day 10 talks about SEO and Your Blog. According to the Daily Post, here are the points I was able to take to the Shandra Eats blog:

  1. Consider keywords-making sure I brainstorm the most important keywords whenever I post on the things that’s important to me.
  2. Writing Descriptive Taglines-making sure that I accurately describe what my blog is all about. For example, I will change my tagline from “Keeping it simple, keeping it real,” to “Cook, Eat, Travel, and Be Merry.”
  3. Ensure that my profile is complete.

Those are just the a nugget of information that I will take to my blog and will make those changes immediately!!


  1. Taglines and keywords are good tips. I’m a newbie blogger and just figured out the importance of taglines if I want to find something interesting to read. It is challenging to find words that identify what I write because I haven’t found my niche, so to speak.

    After only a few days blogging I made a decision not to follow anyone’s blog, comment or like their post if I could not access their profile or get an idea of who they were.. Of course, there are always going to be freaks out there. I guess I want to think I know the freak I’m communicating with–that’s a joke–sort of.


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