Grow Your Audience with Guest Post (Day 9) Branding and Growth

Day 9 talks about growing your audience with guest posting. I confess that I never been a guest poster throughout the blogosphere or had anyone post on my blog, but I would like to learn both to gain more readers on my blog. According to the Daily Post, @michelleweber

Blogging isn’t just about publishing. It’s about sharing, commenting, and connecting. When we engage with one another, we strengthen the fabric that sustains the blogosphere and us as individual bloggers.

That’s the goal for Shandra Eats. To connect with other bloggers and to spread the love❤️.


  1. Just today I guest posted on blogger and I was so worried about a lot of things I’m gonna write wrong.. Is it even the type of post the blog posts or does the post even make sense to their readers.
    But I did it. I posted it and now I can’t wait to feature someone on my blog 😉

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  2. Anyone who posts about photography should feel free to visit my site and head to the Contact page. There, you can find guest posting guidelines as well as a contact form. I would love to work with you and have you guest post on my site!


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