Fantastic Entrees

Have you ever cooked a meal and felt good with what you cooked? I know I did. When I was volunteering at the Ronald MacDonald House on 6/7/2015, I learned how to make a baked potato. It’s real simple, all I have to do is bake a large potato for at least 45 minutes to 2 hours. In all honesty that was the best entree I ever had and I wish that I’m able to buy a potato, but some things have to wait until the right time. Well I’ll have to end on this wonderful note to say I really had a good time volunteering and I would love take another cooking lesson again.

One comment

  1. Bake potatoes are nice. I wonder if your recipe would work as well on a baked sweet potato too? Did you learn to put any toppings on it? I like real butter and maple syrup on the sweet potato. The while potato is good with real butter and sour cream. Just a mention since now I want one of each. Ugh!!!


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