How To Store Your Produce

For years I watched my family store fruits in the refrigerator and I did the same thing in my own home. Today things changed (in my home, rather). I learned the trick to storing hand held fruits; to never refrigerate at all. When fruits are not in the fridge it is way easier to eat. Secondly it’s easier to cut and remove seeds if possible. Lastly unrefridgerated fruits are easier to make different juices and sauces. If you want to enjoy your fruits, keep out of the fridge except grapes. 


One comment

  1. WOW! Good to know. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit being plant-based. I want my veggies and fruit to be the best they can be upon consumption. I do keep bananas out of the fridge already. When they begin to get soft however, I freeze them for healthy smoothies later. I suppose apples would be OK out of fridge too; except I like them cold.


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