Sloppy Joes Any Night of the Week

I have a confession to make….I’m not an expert at cooking from scratch. I tried to get someone to train me and even if I had the chance to watch someone cook a meal from scratch, I still would be confused on how to cook it. Second confession, I love to make sloppy Joes any night of the week, but at the event of my busyness I can only use canned sloppy Joe sauce because it’s the fastest way to cook right? Uh, yeah! Let’s cut straight to the chase, if you plan to be busy like I was recently, then the best thing to do at that point is prepare your ground beef either the night before or early in the morning depending of your work shift. Then once you get home all you have to do is prepare your sloppy Joe sauce and combine with your ground beef and simmer for 15 minutes. So that will give you time to prepare for the next day!! Enjoy!!

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